Wise Children is a new theatre company conceived, created and led by multi award-winning director Emma Rice. Wise Children will create landmark work with exceptional artists, challenge outmoded theatre touring models, train the next generation of creative practitioners, and discover the creative spaces of the future. 

Our first show, Wise Children, adapted and directed by Emma from the novel by Angela Carter, is currently touring the UK

Come and find us somewhere on the way!




'I cannot imagine anyone who loves theatre not being bowled over by this life-enhancing, brilliantly uninhibited, all-singing and dancing adaptation… In Carter’s hands – and Rice’s – there is a fantastic narrative sense throughout: the play is the thing and it can do anything. Misfortune brings on more zest – there is no holding back. Stars? I am not sure why you would stop at five.'


'It is a spectacular show, distilling the carnivalesque spirit of the book…. Rice’s relaunch is a splashy one, celebrating the sheer razzle-dazzle of a life in theatre.' 

The Guardian


‘Emma Rice is one of the most visionary, bold, and dynamic artists working in the industry today, having maintained an exceptionally high standard throughout her body of work. Her projects are thoroughly entertaining, uniquely designed, and socially relevant - a blend which requires nuance and subtlety. Emma has had a huge influence on the global contemporary theatre scene.’

Joe Wright