Building Temporary Utopias

While the Wise Children tour is on a break, we’re using the time to think about the future, and to think about a question which has obsessed Emma for years: what makes a creative space – or what makes a space creative?  


So, last week, we got some friends together to talk about it.  


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We're in previews!
10 October 2018

We’ve done it! Wise Children, both the show and the company, have arrived at the Old Vic in London, opening on Saturday night to a full and happy house.

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What a joy it is to dance and sing!
12 September 2018

'Life as a professional dancer can be a difficult thing. Like every profession, it is full of bumps and bruises with the hard graft and commitment not always reaping the awards we dream of.'

An article by Wise Children's Assistant Choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves. 

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Wise Children's Detention: our new podcast
1 September 2018

We are excited (and perhaps a little nervous!) to announce that our podcast series, Wise Children’s Detention, is now available.

Determined to not only share some of our processes and adventures, but also to document this incredible time, we’ve been busy recording key company moments over the last months. Each episode is hosted by Emma Rice and explores a different aspect of the company: the early stages of making a show, the first School for Wise Children module, the production process and more. 

Wise Children's Detention is available on podbean and can also be found on Itunes and Google Play.

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Eyes Wide Open
1 September 2018

'I don’t like the terms ‘gender blind’ or ‘colour blind’ casting. When I cast, I am the opposite of blind: I have my eyes wide open.'

An article by Emma Rice, exploring how and why she casts her performers. 

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